Cheese in a roll

Cheese in a roll

Cheese in a roll
Appetizer for 4 persons

8 pieces of ham
8 pieces of yellow cheese
8 pieces of spread cheese
Several fresh onions
200 gr. sheep or cow white cheese
Little garlic
1 anion
1/2 tea spoon chili
50 gr. butter
1 spoon sour cream
1 spoon of Ajvar (Macedonian traditional specialty) or 2 hot red peppers


In some deeper pot place butter and spread cheese.
Mix (with fork) to join well
Add Ajvar or peppers
Mix to join well
Add chili
Mix well
In other pot, grate cheese and squeeze garlic.
Add sour cream and mix.
Add sliced fresh onion and mix
Place aluminum foil on the table
On one end of foil place pieces of ham
Place pieces of yellow cheese in 2 rows
On top of ham place spread cheese and peppers mixture
On yellow cheese place cheese, sour cream and fresh onion mixture
Roll the foil
Leave the rolled foil to chill
Remove the foil
Slice the end of roll
Slice a carrot on leaves
Slice the roll (with little watered knife) on pieces approximately 1 cm wide
Place pieces of the cheese roll in circle on serving dish
Make flowers from the carrot leaves. Place them in the middle of serving dish
Slice the onion on half circles
Place half circle onion under every slice of cheese


This appetizer goes well with white whine

Bon appetite.