Chicken with orange sauce

Chicken with orange sauce

Main dish for 4 persons

8 chicken steaks

150 ml orange juice

1 orange

20 gr. sugar

Mustard, oil, flour, vegetable spice

40 gr. butter



Rub chicken steaks with vegetable spice and mustard

Into heated oil and some butter fry steaks on both sides about 7 – 9 minutes

Remove chicken from heat

Into same fry pot, place the rest of the butter, orange peel, orange juice and sugar and cook 3-4 minutes with constant stirring.

Add flour mixed with some water and orange slices. Cook for a while and add salt.

Serve chicken steaks on serving dish, place orange slice and pour hot sauce on top on every steak. Add some rice, potatoes or other vegetable.

This recipe goes well with red wine.

Bon appetite