Fire soup

Fire soup

Soup for 4 persons:
250 gr grinded meat

200 gr beef steak

600 gr conserved tomatoes

1 hot green pepper

2 green peppers

1 onion

2 carrots

300 gr. conserved corn

2 cubes of concentrated beef soup


½ tea spoon chili



Salt and black pepper

Preparation: App. 2 hours

Cut onion into small pieces

Cut carrots on small square pieces

Clean peppers and cut into square pieces

Cut beef steak into pieces

Heat oil into deep cooking pot

Fry chopped onion, add salt and mix

Add beef meat pieces

Add grinded meat

Add black pepper and mix well

Add chopped carrots and peppers and mix well

Add 1 l water and cubes of concentrated soup

Cover the mixture and boil until meat is well cooked

Add tomatoes and chopped pieces of garlic

Add chili, salt, mix well and leave it to cook

Add corn, parsley (previously chopped salt and black pepper

After 15 minutes remove pot from the heat

Serve it with parsley decorations

It goes well with white wine

Bon appetite